Meet the Rheia® Verify App

Rheia® Verify is our cloud-based app that verifies that your HVAC system is operating as designed, using a mobile device. The Rheia Verify app ensures that your home’s air balance is optimized for your comfort. Rheia Verify walks you or your technician through the Rheia verification and airflow balancing processes to ensure consistent performance.

When initially commissioned, your qualified technician sets the balancing dampers to the correct settings based on airflow measurements taken at start up. Your home’s system data is entered into the app to verify it meets the HVAC designer’s intent, and is performing at the level which will meet your comfort needs.

In some markets, seasonal changes may require balancing adjustments on a Rheia system to achieve optimal levels of comfort, regardless of the weather. In the Spring and Fall we recommend rebalancing the system to keep it running at its optimally balanced best. 

Rheia Verify app

The Benefits of Proper HVAC Balance to Homeowners

Better efficiency means lower operating, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Better comfort results in the elimination of hot and cold spots, with even temperatures and enhanced air mixing, room to room and floor to floor.

Aerodynamic diffusers, whisper quiet operation, clean aesthetics, and interior design freedom.

How Does Rheia Provide Better Air Balancing?


The Rheia system allows more diffusers to be placed high on walls and in ceilings to create better air mixing, giving each room a more even temperature, and eliminating hot and cold spots.


Placing equipment and ducts in a conditioned space reduces the required cooling tonnage needed, enabling the system to be right-sized for the home which reduces energy consumption, saving you money.


When HVAC systems are oversized, they run in shorter cycles because they push out a lot of cold air at once, shutting the system off too soon. This does not leave enough time for the air to be dehumidified by the system and results in a clammy and cold feeling house.


A Rheia system delivers the same amount of air to each room as a conventional system. However, Rheia uses more diffusers per room, pushing out smaller amounts of air per diffuser. This is a gentler way to condition each room and means that you won’t feel cold or hot air blasting onto you. This also makes the air distribution extremely quiet.


Rheia diffusers are small and inconspicuous, positioned around the ceiling and high on the walls to distribute the air more evenly and gently around a room. This means you can put your furniture where you want without blocking the airflow into a room.


Rheia is custom designed for your home based on where it is located and in which direction it is situated. This ensures the best possible air delivery for all times during the day.


Rheia is the only air distribution system designed and engineered to include ALL these benefits.