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Rheia for New Homebuyers

Comfort Comes First

Comfort and efficiency excel in homes using Rheia’s innovative air distribution system.

Everyone experiences comfort differently, but it feels uncomfortable when we experience large temperature or humidity differences around our home. Rooms with hot or cold spots are a common problem, usually caused by a lack of good air circulation. The main culprits are often registers in the wrong locations and poor return design. Rheia's revolutionary micro-diffusers, located at several points in a room, ensure the conditioned air is better mixed, balancing any temperature differences and making rooms feel more comfortable.

Better Air Mixing

Better air mixing also helps with energy efficiency. If you are comfortable, you will make fewer adjustments to the thermostat, allowing the HVAC system to run more consistently, which also helps regulate the indoor humidity, further improving your comfort.

You should expect your new home to be comfortable, which is why a Rheia air distribution system is so attractive. Ask your builder if the home you’re building will include the better-balanced, Energy Star-compliant Rheia air distribution system.

Indoor Air Quality

You should also expect to move into a new home with a clean HVAC system and ducts. There are misconceptions about the need to clean your HVAC system. If you replace your air filter regularly, the supply ducts will not get dirty, and only in rare cases will the supply ducts need to be cleaned. Return ductwork and the air handler will need to be cleaned periodically, however. If you suspect you have a problem, consult a duct cleaning professional to inspect the interior of the ductwork and test your air quality. Then make a decision based on their findings.

Read this short article and follow these duct cleaning guidelines to learn more about maintaining your Rheia HVAC system..


Builders On Board

Homebuilders across the country believe in Rheia, and a number of them are already on board, seeing its benefits in action.


Need To Balance Your Home?

We suggest that homeowners in certain regions of the country balance their air systems twice a year. Rheia utilizes its own cloud-based, mobile app called Rheia Verify to balance a home in under 30 minutes. Do it yourself or hire a technician.