Introducing Rheia Verify

Rheia Verify is a web-enabled app which walks a technician through the HVAC system assessment and airflow balancing processes. The current methods to balance a home are something which is often neglected because it is time-consuming and inaccurate. Rheia has made the process simpler and easier, rewarding the technician with time savings and fewer call-backs. Rheia requires homes to have gone through the Verify process to be valid for our warranty.

Rheia Verify Delivers Value and Function

  • Balancing the supply ducts is a simple process.
  • Balancing is important for consistent room-to-room temperatures.
  • Rheia Verify provides reporting to the Builder and Contractor.
Rheia Verify app

Understanding the Verify Process


Property Search. The property search screen locates the lot that needs to be  balanced from a suggested list of homes. After filtering the list, the technician selects the community to locate the desired lot.


Selected Property. Once a lot is selected, a summary screen showing basic information about the lot appears and is confirmed, and “Start Commission” is clicked.


Global Settings are established, which defines installed equipment and the pressurizing system. Once saved, the app allows for pressure and room measurements to be recorded.


Balancing recommendations are shown on the Verify app screen after all measurements are entered into the app and calculated. Balancing may require adjustments to damper positions, which can easily be achieved through guidance given by the app.


Once fully balanced, the system is tested once more and results are reported and saved for access by the builder and contractor.

Learn more about the Rheia HVAC distribution system and the Rheia Verify app in our training courses.

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