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Rheia for Contractors

Less Time. Less Labor. Less Callbacks.

The Rheia air distribution system offers attractive solutions to some of the most common challenges contractors face: time, labor and callbacks. The innovative Rheia system utilizes fewer SKUs and requires less manpower to install than traditional air distribution systems — which significantly reduces installation time. With reduced air leakage, coupled with quick and accurate balancing, Rheia’s system minimizes costly callbacks while improving productivity.

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Balance a home in 30 minutes by using the Rheia Verify App, ensuring accuracy and reducing callbacks.


Benefits To Contractors

  • Improves bottom line and cycle time, with up to 50% faster rough-in installation
  • Meets code requirements mandating HVAC duct placement in air conditioned spaces
  • Significant improvement in measurable comfort
  • Meets Energy Star duct leakage requirements
  • Decreases HVAC job waste by 75%
  • Balance a home in minutes using the cloud-based, mobile Rheia Verify app
  • Utilizes just 16 SKUs, 75% less than a conventional installation, requiring less storage space
  • Experience less than 2.5-degree temperature delta from room to room and floor to floor