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Rheia for builders

Save Time. Same Money. Save Energy.

Builders consistently face challenges with stricter codes, labor shortages and increasing cycle times. The Rheia air distribution system resolves all three when it comes to HVAC concerns, while providing a more energy efficient system that is cost-competitive.

Rheia has trained a number of HVAC design companies who are well-versed in the best practices needed to cost-effectively convert your floor plans to Rheia. Thay are ready to work with you in any market across the US and Canada. Start here to locate a Rheia-pro HVAC design company near you.

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Benefits To Builders

  • Improves cycle time by reducing rough-in installation time by up to 50%
  • Meets code requirements mandating ductwork to be located within the building envelope
  • Reduced equipment size for air-conditioned spaces speeds installation time and improves comfort
  • Improves HERS ratings
  • Improves eligibility for state and federal tax incentives such as 45L
  • Significant improvements in measurable comfort
  • Surpasses duct leakage requirements
  • Decreases HVAC job site waste by as much as 75%

Roadmap To Success

At Rheia, our collaborative process involves a home’s builder, its architect, its contractors and its sales team.

Roadmap To Success
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Featured Projects

In August 2021 due to supply chain issues and a strained labor force, Pulte Homes in Minneapolis, MN set a goal to close on over 200 homes by the end of the year. Pulte, and their contractor were looking for labor reductions in production cycle time, without increasing costs