Rheia Receives Wisconsin Approval For HVAC Duct System

Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Approves Rheia For HVAC Air Supply

Wisconsin Approval Granted to Rheia

PHOENIX, AZ. (April 15, 2022) — Rheia LLC, an Arizona-based company that manufactures an innovative HVAC duct system, has received Wisconsin approval for its residential system by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Rheia’s air distribution technology is designed to improve comfort, reduce installation time and meet ever-increasing energy requirements.

“The unique engineering of our technology benefits every stakeholder involved in the residential HVAC industry, while comfort and efficiency are improved across the board,” Nigel Watts, Rheia’s Vice President of Product, said. “We welcome relationships, like those we’ve established with regulators in Wisconsin, and look forward to quickly increasing our presence in the state.”

Wisconsin Approval is a Home Run for Rheia

Using a home run system from a central manifold, the Rheia system delivers conditioned air to each room in a home at typical static pressures, facilitating improved comfort and efficiency. System components assemble quickly and securely, without requiring the use of tape or mastic, greatly reducing the chance of any leakage. 

Rheia is already in use with many of the top homebuilders across the country, and approval at the state level helps code officials inspect Rheia installations with the confidence that they meet all state code requirements. The Wisconsin approval expedites the homebuilding process, enabling Wisconsin homebuilders to install Rheia in their communities as a way to offer buyers improved comfort.

About Rheia

Rheia LLC is an Arizona-based company that manufactures an innovative HVAC air duct supply system designed to improve comfort throughout the home. Rheia, LLC was established in 2019 following almost ten years of research and development. Rheia is now used by homebuilders in 26states across North America. Learn more at www.rheiacomfort.com