Rheia Receives Install Approval in Michigan

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Approves Rheia HVAC System

inspector with ipad grants approval in MichiganPHOENIX, AZ. (June 2, 2022) — Rheia LLC, an Arizona-based company that manufactures an innovative HVAC duct system, can now be used in Michigan following the approval of its residential system by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. 

Rheia’s unique air distribution technology is designed to improve comfort, reduce installation time, and meet ever more stringent energy requirements. Prior to its approval in Michigan, the system was already in use by homebuilders in 25 states.

Approval in Michigan Is a Win for Rheia and Homeowners

“The Rheia system is uniquely designed to offer benefits that improve installation time, maximize efficiency and minimize leakage, and we’re thrilled to have the approval of Michigan regulators,” Nigel Watts, Rheia’s Vice President of Product, said. 

Utilizing a home run system and a central manifold, the Rheia system delivers conditioned air to each room in a home at typical static pressures, facilitating improved comfort and efficiency. Rheia’s components assemble quickly and securely, without requiring the use of tape or mastic, greatly reducing air leakage, which saves energy.

Mr. Watts went on to say, “Rheia is designed to make the installation process quicker, and this approval helps state code officials by making the inspection process much easier.” 

About Rheia

Rheia LLC is an Arizona-based company that manufactures an innovative HVAC air duct supply system designed to improve comfort throughout the home. Rheia, LLC was established in 2019 following almost ten years of research and development. Rheia is now used by homebuilders in 26 states across North America. Learn more at www.rheiacomfort.com.